How to introduce yourself to your new manager

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Introducing yourself to a new boss or manager can be nerve-racking, but you will want to win him over with a solid first impression. Do not make simple mistakes like trying to introduce yourself when the boss is busy or forgetting to do some research. Make note of these important steps, so that you do not find yourself in an undesirable situation.

Do some research. It is a good idea to talk to other employees around the office and learn a little bit about your manager. Does he have children? What is his favourite sports team? Knowing little things like this and mentioning them in your first meeting will show that you took the time to do a little homework. It will also help you to get on a personal level with your manager.

Find out what time of the day your manager has some free time and try to get into his office then. You do not want to bombard him, if he is extremely busy. This will only cause aggravation, and you will probably not make the best first impression. If you try to go into his office and he is busy, ask if you can speak with him when he has a free moment.

Once you receive the green light, go to your manager's office and knock on the door. Tell him that you are a new employee and that you wanted to take a few minutes to introduce yourself.

Shake his hand and sit down, only if your manager invites you to do so.

Thank the manager for the opportunity to work for him and tell him a little about yourself. Remember to include in the conversation any of the information that you found out about him.

Be brief. If he is managing a lot of employees, he probably does not have time to sit and talk all day. Consider asking to join him on his lunch break to earn yourself a little more time.

Be friendly. Do not brag about yourself and your experience. You already got the job.

End your meeting by saying thank you and shaking your manager's hand. If you follow these steps, you should have a smooth introduction.

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