How to Inject Jelly Into a Doughnut

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Doughnuts are sweet yeast-risen treats that are recognisable by their circular shape and hole in the middle. Filled doughnuts begin with a hole-less doughnut. Cut in a square or round shape with cookie or biscuit cutters, the yeast dough is fried and cooled the same as a typical doughnut and then a jelly centre is added. With the right equipment and the right technique, jelly-filled doughnuts can be made at home.

Select an injection nozzle and attach it to your pastry syringe. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Fill the pastry syringe with your favourite flavour of jelly or jam.

Poke the tip of the nozzle into the side of the hole-less doughnut and press about a teaspoon of jelly into the doughnut.

Remove the nozzle and repeat with other doughnuts.

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