How to Make a Stiff Dough

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Stiff dough is heavier and drier than light and moist dough, but it is useful. For instance, a hearty fry bread to have with soup is made with dense, stiff dough so it can stand up to being fried with animal fat at high temperatures. Knowing how to make a stiff dough recipe requires a little patience to make sure the texture of the bread isn't too heavy or lacking in flavour.

Add 3 cups of self-rising flour to the mixing bowl. Add the shortening.

Chop at the shortening and flour with your fork, mixing it thoroughly. Do this for about five minutes. The texture should be lumpy.

Drizzle the ice-cold milk into the bowl. Briskly stir the ingredients until it forms a tacky substance. You can substitute water for milk.

Pour the remaining cup of flour on your work surface or counter top. Dump the bowl upside down onto it, allowing the dough to fall into the flour.

Pat the dough ball with your hands, covering the surface with flour. Knead the dough, working the excess flour into the ball. The dough will get stiff during this process.

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