How to Put on a Brownie Scout Sash

Wearing the Girl Scout sash is part of the fun of wearing the Brownie uniform. Each Brownie earns badges for her accomplishments and should wear her sash with pride. Specific guidelines for patch placement ensure each girl looks the same. The patches should be sewn on with matching or invisible thread. Sew the patches on straight and neatly so the young girl can wear her sash with pride.

Sew the official insignias, awards, patches and pins on the sash according to the official Girl Scout website link found in the Resource section.

Iron the vest on a medium setting. It will sit better and look better if it is ironed nicely.

Place double-sided tape on the underside of the sash at the seam that will sit on the girl's shoulder.

Place the sash on the Brownie's right shoulder. It should go across her chest and sit on her left hip.

Lift the sash off her shoulder slightly and place double-sided tape on the shoulder of her uniform blouse so it will match up with the tape on the sash. Replace the sash and press the two pieces of tape together. This will keep the sash from moving around.

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