How to fix snags in dri-fit shirts

Dri-Fit is a polyester-knit fabric developed by Nike. Dri-Fit fabrics wick moisture away from your skin to the surface where it evaporates, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable during exercise. When a Dri-Fit shirt snags, the first instinct is to cut the loose yarn loop off. This is by far the worst thing to do. As soon as the thread is cut and the fabric is stretched, the cut yarn will ravel and retract, creating a hole in the fabric. With an iron, your snag will be gone in a jiffy.

Lay your shirt flat on a table with the snag facing upward.

Place each open palm on either side of the snag horizontally.

Pressing down slightly, pull the fabric apart, away from the snag, moving your hands up and down on the table slightly.

Move your palms on either side of the snag vertically.

Repeat Step 3. The loose thread should recede into the fabric. If it does not, repeat steps 2 through 5 until it does, pulling harder each time.

Hold the iron 1/2 inch from the snag and press the steam button for 10 seconds.

Press the iron on the former snag three times for two seconds at a time to seal.

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