How to get a water stain out of polyester fabric

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Although washing machines use water to clean clothes and linen, water can also leave spots or stains on fabrics. Getting the water stain out of fabric takes a little effort, but synthetic fabrics like polyester are relatively simple to clean.

When getting the water stain out of polyester fabrics, you don't have to worry about ruining the fabric.

Place a light-coloured towel on an ironing board.

Place the stained fabric on the ironing board with the water stain facing downward on the towel. If the fabric is a piece of clothing turn the item inside out before treating the stain.

Wet a cloth and then squeeze the water onto the polyester water stain.

Turn the iron to the polyester or synthetic setting.

Iron the moistened area of the fabric until it is dry.

Move the fabric to another area of the towel and repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5. Do this until the water stain is gone.