Instructions for a Pokemon Pikachu Tamagotchi

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The "Pokemon" series has a wide variety of creatures including the popular Pikachu. This yellow character was given his own Tamagotchi virtual pet called the Pocket Pikachu. This game is a bit different than other Tamagotchi pets as it also functions as a pedometer. A pedometer monitors how many steps you walk. Users can earn points to spend on taking care of Pikachu. It also features an alarm clock function.

Attach the Pocket Pikachu to your belt by pulling your string through the loop on the top and tying the string to your belt.

Pull the small plastic tab out of the top of the machine and press the "A" button when you see the words "Pocket Pikachu" appear on the screen. Use the arrow keys to set the clock and press the "A" button when you are done.

Walk around wearing your Pikachu throughout the day. Take 100 steps to earn five watts or points.

Select the second icon from the left on the top and press "A" to open the gift shop. Use the arrow keys to select the points you want to give to Pikachu and press "A." Press "A" after it asks "GIVE?" to give him the points.

Move your icon to the third icon from the upper left and press "A" to enter the slot machine game. Use the arrow keys to select the watts you want to bet. Press "A" to start the slot machine game and "B" to back out of the casino.

Highlight the clock in the upper left-hand corner using your direction pad and press the "A" button to set your alarm. Change the time of the alarm using your directional pad and press the "A" button to switch between the "On" and "Off" option. Press "B" to leave.

Press the "select" button to open up the "Pikachu Now!" screen. Read how many total steps you've taken and see Pikachu's mood in Japanese. Press "Select" again to leave the screen.

Push the "Start" button to go to the "3 Item Menu." Select the options using your directional pad and press "A" to change the options. Use the first option to reset your current step count, the second one to toggle sound and the third for setting the time.

Push the tip of a small point pen in the small "reset" button to completely reset your machine. Use this option if you want to erase your current progress for any reason.

Press the "Start" button if the screen is blank to wake up the machine and get a randomised surprise from Pikachu.

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