Matsui Dab R100 Instructions

Mike Harrington/Lifesize/Getty Images

Listen to and store multiple radio stations using your Matsui DAB R100 personal radio and alarm clock. The radio features a sleek design, dual speaker output, a line out socket for added speakers and a band frequency range of 11B 218.640 to 12D 229.072 megahertz.

Following a few simple directions will help you operate your DAB. Thorough knowledge of how to set the clock, the alarm, program stations, preset stations and change stations and display information will maximise your operation and enjoyment of your DAB.

Set-up the radio on a safe, flat surface and plug the AC cord into the wall. Pull out the antenna and press "DAB/Clock" (the button on the top of the DAB farthest to the left) to turn on the radio. Push the "Scan" button and the radio will start to scan for available stations.

Push "Prev" or "Next" (the topmost buttons located on the front of the DAB) to change radio stations. Preset up to 10 stations by first tuning to the station that you wish to preset. Push and hold down the corresponding "Preset" button (located to the right of the "DAB/Clock" button). If buttons "1" through "5" are taken, push "Shift" (located on the bottom right of the front of the DAB) to access presets "6" through "10." Refer to the display to view the message "Preset Saved" to make sure that your preset was entered. To access your presets, simply turn the radio on and push the preset button that you wish to hear or push "Shift" and then the preset number.

Change the information on the second line of the display when a station is visible, if you like. Choose from seven different pieces of information about that particular station by pushing the "Display" button to scroll through them. Choose from "Dynamic Label Segment," "Program Type," "Multiplex Name," "Time and Date," "Channel and Frequency," "Signal Information" and "Signal Error Rate."

Set the clock by first turning on the DAB. Press "Menu" and "Next" until you see the word "Clock" on the display. Press "Select" and "Next" until you see the words "Set Clock" displayed. Push "Select" and use the "Prev" or "Next" buttons to set the hour, minute, day, month and year. Press "Select" to save and finish.

Set an alarm on the DAB by first pushing "Menu" and "Next" to display the word "Clock." Push "Select" and "Next" until you see "Set Alarm" displayed. Use the "Prev" and "Next" buttons to specify the alarm time that you wish to set (there are four to choose from), then push "Select." Use the "Prev" and "Next" buttons to choose the hour and minute and to specify how often you'd like the alarm to go off ("Daily," "Weekdays," "Weekends" or "Once") and push "Select" to save and finish.