How to Hide Stuff on VampireFreaks

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VampireFreaks is an online community and social network geared for Gothic-industrial subcultures. It allows fans of gothic and horror to connect among one another, plan parties and events and even find love. After registering on VampireFreaks, you can set up a profile in which you can upload a picture, cite your favourite quote, submit a music playlist and share your likes, dislikes and personality. In case you aren't interested in sharing certain information, you can remove that section from your profile.

Click on the VFLayouts link in the "Resources" section. This site provides you with the HTML codes required to hide any section of your profile, whether it's the Likes section, the Dislikes section or even your thumbnail picture.

Choose which section of your profile you'd like to hide and then select that part of it from the profile layout image on VFLayouts.

Look for the "Make Them Disappear" section and select the code beneath it. Copy this code by hitting "Control" and "C."

Redirect your browser to and log in to your VampireFreaks account.

Click the "Edit Profile" button on the left-hand side menu and then locate the section of your profile that reads "Profile:".

Paste the source code from VFLayouts into the section by hitting "Control" and "V." For example, if you want to hide the "add to friends" button to prevent others from trying to be your friend, you would paste the following into the "Profile:" section:

Click the "Prepare To Be Assimilated" button on the bottom of the page to submit your updated profile and then click on the "Preview" button to ensure your codes are working correctly.

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