How to Make Streamers Stick to a Wall

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A party that demands colour and lots of decor often requires streamers. Made from crepe paper and available in many vivid colours, streamers can help you make a celebration pop with bright hues and fun textures. When you want streamers decorating a wall, preserve your paint and get a little creative instead. Make streamers stick to a wall by using a simple office supply. When the party concludes, you can remove the streamers effortlessly.

Determine the length you need for the streamers. Unwind the crepe paper and pull the crepe paper across the area you wish to hang it -- either hanging vertically, stretched horizontally or looping between corners and fixtures. Mark where you want the streamer to end and cut the crepe paper off at this point.

Cut additional lengths of crepe paper streamers equal to the length of the first streamer. The exact number of streamers will depend on the size of the room and the amount of decoration desired.

Tear off a pea-size chunk of poster tack and roll it between your fingers for about 10 seconds to make it pliable.

Place the poster tack on the wall in the spot you want to hang a streamer. Push the poster tack into the wall surface firmly. The poster tack should flatten slightly with pressure.

Press one end of a streamer onto the flattened poster tack. Apply enough pressure to the streamer to ensure it attaches firmly to the wall.

Allow the streamer to hang straight down or stretch it horizontally across the wall to another point.

Attach the other end of the streamer to the wall with another pea-size piece of poster tack.

Continue sticking streamers to the wall using the same technique until you attach all the streamers you desire.

Remove the streamers from the wall within 24 to 48 hours to avoid damaging wall surfaces. Save the poster tack for future use -- it will not dry out.

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