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How to Juice Oranges With the Magic Bullet

Updated July 20, 2017

This is not your grandmother's blender. The Magic Bullet can, chop, slice and dice in seconds. It requires no complex cleaning as a simple rinse with soap and water will do. Originally the closest the Magic Bullet could come to making juice was by finely chopping the fruit creating more of a smoothie than a juice. Your only alternative was to purchase a traditional juice extractor. A traditional juice extractor can cost hundreds of dollars and be difficult to clean. The Magic Bullet has solved this problem by adding a pulp extractor to its blender.

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  1. Screw the cross blade onto the bottom of the blender attachment.

  2. Line the four vents on the bottom of the juicing attachment with the four wings of the cross blade. Place it inside the blender attachment.

  3. Screw on the lid ensuring the arrow on the top of the lid lines up with the spout when fully tightened.

  4. Peel the oranges and separate the wedges. Set them aside.

  5. Place the blender attachment onto the Magic Bullet. Gently press down on the lid and turn clockwise until it locks into place and the blender starts.

  6. Place the orange slices into the blender. Press down on the orange slices with the feed tube pusher until the juice is separated from the pulp. Continue adding orange slices and pressing with the feed tube pusher until all your of orange slices have been juiced.

  7. Firmly grasp the blender attachment at its centre and turn it counter clockwise. The blender will stop. Remove the blender attachment from the Magic Bullet. Pour your juice into the glass or glasses you will be using and serve.

  8. Warning

    Keep your fingers clear of the blades while the blender is running.

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Things You'll Need

  • Blender attachment
  • Cross blade
  • Juicing attachment
  • Feed tube pusher
  • Drinking glasses

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