How to inflate a roho cushion

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Since 1973, ROHO, Inc. has been one of the leading providers of wheelchair cushions. With the patented ROHO Dry Flotation technology, ROHO cushions offer pressure relief and enhance blood flow as they emulate the properties of water in a dry environment. In order to benefit from the features of the ROHO cushion, a user needs to properly adjust it after performing a quick daily hand check, taking into consideration their daily activities.

Place the ROHO cushion on the chair. The cushion needs to be aligned on the centre with the right side up. The air valve should be in the front left corner.

Open the air valve by turning it counter-clockwise.

Place the pump over the valve. The flexible rubber hose on the pump makes it very easy to slide it over the valve.

Inflate the cushion. Pump air into the cushion until it starts to arch upwards slightly.

Remove the pump and close the valve quickly by turning it clockwise.

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