How to Make Badges on IMVU

IMVU, a social networking website, allows you to explore a virtual 3D world with an avatar that you can create to interact with other avatars. Badges are created to show appreciation to an IMVU friend or express creativity. As long as you have an account, you can make badges on IMVU.

Go to the top of IMVU to sign in to your member account. On the right side of your IMVU account, you should see a section called "Manage Badges."

Click "Manage Badges" and then "Create Badge." The minimum IMVU badge is 20-by-20 pixels; the maximum size is 100-by-100 pixels.

Pay for your badge with your PayPal account or credit card. If you are a guest member, the badge is 100,000 credits. VIP members pay 90,000.

Load an image to place on the IMVU badge by clicking the "Choose Image" button. Search for the image on your PC and click "Open" to continue.

Create the name for the IMVU badge. Click the "Submit" button to finish making the badge.

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