How to Cover Up a Protruding Belly Button

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Some call them "outies," others just refer to them as protruding belly buttons. Whatever the name, many people who have an outie prefer they didn't poke out through their clothing. Pregnancy is one event that will result in an unexpected protruding belly button.

For many, the belly button will stop protruding after some time, but if you can't wait, there is a way to hide it so you can continue to wear tight-fitting shirts and clothing.

Place a bandage over the protruding belly button. The outline of the bandage is sometimes visible through the clothing, though. To prevent this, use a small, round bandage.

Purchase a specially designed belly button cover. Belly button covers are made from paper-thin material and have adhesive backs to stick to your skin. Some can be worn for two to three days at a time. Belly button covers are designed to be seamless and not show through clothes, unlike bandages. Belly button covers are available online and at maternity stores.

Wear a maternity belt. A maternity belt can be worn underneath your clothes and is designed to be wrapped along the bottom of your stomach or over your entire stomach and hip area to offer support for your back. As a result of its thick material, it will also effectively hide your protruding belly button. Maternity belts are available online and at any major retailer that sells maternity products.

Place a penny over your protruding navel and adhere it to the belly button with a small piece of tape. This is an old-fashioned remedy for a protruding belly button, and was often used to decrease the size of newborn outies. The tape and penny will likely show if you are wearing especially tight-fitting shirts, and the tape may wear off with moisture from sweat.