How to Build a Knight Riding a Horse Costume

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A knight riding a horse costume gives the illusion that you are both riding a horse and standing at the same time. This costume is not difficult to make, but it does require some advanced preparation. If you choose to make a horse riding costume, allow about two days to make the costume before your event. Make the horse and costume as simple or detailed as you like to make the costume your own.

Cut off the flaps from one side of the box. Cut out a square hole in the centre of the other side of the box, just large enough to fit around your waist.

Draw a horse's head onto one of the flaps. Tape the head to the front of the box with duct tape or another sturdy tape. Tape some fake hair to the back of the horse for a tail.

Paint the box to look like a horse. You can paint on a saddle or blanket to make the box look like a warhorse, or just paint it with regular horse colours. Allow the box to dry for two hours.

Tape two strips of ribbon to all corners of the box to make ribbon suspenders to hold the box horse up.

Cut a hole in the crotch of the trousers that is large enough to fit around your waist. Stuff the legs with stuffing and tape or pin some boots to the legs.

Make a knight's tunic from an old pillowcase. Cut two holes into either side seam for arm holes. Cut one large hole in the bottom seam for the head. Paint on a knight's emblem with fabric paint. Allow the pillowcase to dry for two hours.

Put on the trousers with the hole. Place the box under the trousers with the trousers and boots dangling off from each side of the horse. Wear the tunic over the ribbons to hide where the box attaches to your body. Carry a toy sword and shield to complete the costume.

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