How to do the disappearing milk trick in a newspaper

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In the disappearing milk trick, the magician rolls a newspaper into a cone, then pours a pitcher of milk into the newspaper. When the pitcher is empty, the magician crumples up the still-dry paper and invites sceptical audience members to inspect it. Like many introductory-level magic tricks, the disappearing milk trick is a snap as long as you have the right props. For this trick, you'll need to purchase a special milk pitcher available at magic supply shops, but you can use any type of newspaper, milk or glass.

Pour soymilk into the area between the magic pitcher's liner and the pitcher's wall. Soymilk is preferable to regular milk, since it can sit at room temperature for a long time without spoiling. Fill the pitcher before you perform the trick.

Roll a newspaper into a cone. Hold the newspaper in your non-dominant hand with the point facing down.

Pour the milk into the cone's opening. The milk will not actually flow into the paper, but instead will pour back into the liner. The milk level will appear to decrease as you pretend to pour it into the newspaper.

Pour the "remaining milk" into a glass to show that the pitcher actually contains a liquid. This time, the milk will actually flow into the glass. You may drink the milk to show that it is regular milk as opposed to a magic or chemical substance.

Crumple the newspaper to show that it is dry. Pass it around to your audience if they want to see it.

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