How to Transfer Newsprint

Newspaper image by huimin from

Newspapers run "all the news that's fit to print," and sometimes that news is fit to duplicate and reprint as well.

For a stylish look for a scrapbook page, to commemorate a newspaper picture, or just for a fun crafting project, you can transfer newsprint from the newspaper to other types of paper by creating a mixture that copies the ink and allows it to absorb into your paper instead of the newsprint.

Ventilate your workspace by opening windows or turning on exhaust fans. This project involves the use of turpentine, which produces potentially dangerous fumes.

Mix water, turpentine and dish detergent into a jar and seal it tightly. Shake the jar to thoroughly mix all ingredients.

Carefully uncap the jar; some of the liquid may drip out of the lid. Lay the lid on a piece of scrap paper or towel so that it does not leak. Turpentine can discolour surfaces and is harmful if ingested.

Apply the turpentine mixture to your newspaper story or picture with a paintbrush. Thoroughly cover the area and then blot away excess liquid gently with paper towels.

Lay a clean white piece of paper over the newsprint. Rub the white paper with a roller or with the back of a spoon to transfer the liquid, and the newsprint with it, to the paper. Rub until you can see the impression through the paper.

Gently peel the paper back. The story or picture will appear in reverse on the paper.