How Long to Boil a Goose Egg

Goose eggs can be cooked much like chicken or duck eggs, and seasoned similarly. However, because of their larger size, goose eggs require a little special handling prior to and extra time during boiling.

Candle the Egg

If you do not know how old the goose egg is, you will need to candle it to find out whether it has an embryo in it. You will not want to cook an egg that has an embryo in it. To find out, take your goose egg into a dark room with a flashlight. Shine the light at the large end of the egg. If there is an embryo forming, you will see veins and possibly even the shape of the embryo through the shell. If the egg is fewer than five days old or does not have an embryo in it, it will be fine to cook.

Soft-Boiled Goose Egg

To soft-boil a goose egg, place it in boiling water for 7 to 8 minutes. The yolk will be liquid in the centre and soft around the edges, while the white will be soft and spongy.

Hard-Boiled Goose Egg

To hard-boil a goose egg, place the egg in boiling water for 15 minutes. The yolk of a goose egg will not become as firm as a chicken egg when hard-boiled, but will remain a little bit soft and wet. The white will be very firm.