How to smoke a cigarette like a lady

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There are many women but only few ladies. Ladies are a select group that live with ease, style and class. To be a lady, you must do things in a ladylike manner. This requires certain affects that can be practised and mastered. One of the most alluring traits of a lady is how she smokes her cigarettes. Anyone can smoke, but not everyone can do so like a lady.

Present a picture of effortlessness. Whether you are lighting, taking a drag or ashing, all must be done with grace. You must smoke in such a way that you appear to be doing so for only your enjoyment. This means being unaffected by outside influences.

Have another light your cigarette. This initiates an act of submission to you, the lady. When leaning toward the light, which should be a match, bend at the waist rather than extending your neck, keeping your fingers on the cigarette through the whole process instead of pursing your lips to hold the cigarette.

Hold the cigarette at the filter, between your index and middle fingers. Keep it as close to your fingertips as possible. The closer to the fingertips, the more feminine you appear. It gives off a sense of daintiness with control.

Hold the lit end of the cigarette upward, so that the smoke travels straight up rather than through your fingers. This is best done by holding your arm slightly away from your body with your wrist extended casually back at the end.

Fan you fingers out. Men will usually create a fist around their cigarettes while ladies should hold theirs delicately.

Have the cigarette in your mouth only when you are taking a drag. Do not let it dangle between your lips or talk with it in your mouth. Inhale consciously as though you are watching the smoke travel through your body. Never exhale through your nose, but gently tilt your head blowing the smoke out and away from those around you.

Ash the cigarette by holding the filter between your thumb and middle finger and gently tapping above the filter with your index finger. Do not flick the filtered end with your thumb in an attempt to ash.

Place the butt of your finished cigarette directly into an ashtray or preferably into a personal pocket ashtray that you should carry around with you. Do not flick it or throw it on the ground to be smothered by your foot.

Make it routine to carry mints with your cigarettes. After disposing of your finished cigarette, automatically pull out your mints and in a matter-of-fact manner place one in your mouth.

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