How to Get Rid of Midges When Camping

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Nothing ruins a camping outing like being bit by insects. Midges, small winged insects similar to mosquitoes, are bothersome insects, but female midges are particularly troublesome because they feed on human blood. Humans emit carbon dioxide, which attracts midges.

Once a midge has found a tasty human, it informs others by releasing pheromones creating a swarm of tiny, biting insects. But it is possible to reduce or eliminate these pests and have an enjoyable camping experience.

Reduce the amount of exposed skin by wearing trousers and long sleeves. Wear light colours, as midges are attracted to darker colours.

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Burn citronella candles to repel midges. Use smoke to repel midges by lighting a campfire.

Rub lavender, lemon or eucalyptus oil into your skin to repel midges. Purchase these essential oils at your local health-food store.

Order Avon's Skin so Soft from your local Avon representative. Use this lotion while camping to repel mosquitoes.

Sit close to your campfire, or zip up in your sleeping bag at dusk and dawn because these are high activity periods for midges. Go indoors if possible.

Invest in a midgeater or midge magnet. Eliminate midges with one of these devices, which releases carbon dioxide to attract midges, then suctions them in and kills them.