10 Reasons for Personal Hygiene

washing hands image by Julia Britvich from Fotolia.com

Personal hygiene is the practice keeping yourself neat and clean. This practice is essential in maintaining your health and social status. Humans and animals both have the instinct to keep themselves clean in order to survive. Personal hygiene is the mark of a healthy civilised person.

Self Respect

You should keep good personal hygiene for your own sense of self respect. Taking care of yourself is the highest form of self love. Caring for your hygiene shows respect and gratitude for your body and your life.

Sex Appeal

Good personal hygiene is sexy. When you take care of your personal hygiene you smell good, dress well and bring a fresh air of confidence. No one is attracted to someone who is dirty, unkept and smells bad.


Bad hygiene is an embarrassing and socially unacceptable quality. Others will be less likely to invite you to join in social activities and gatherings. Conversely, if you keep good personal hygiene others will feel comfortable around you and find you approachable.


Good personal hygiene will help you succeed in business. Taking good care of yourself shows that you are responsible and self-reliant. Good personal hygiene also makes a good first impression on potential employers.

Mental Health

What happens to your body affects how you feel inside. Hygienic routines help create a standard for yourself. Having a high standard for taking care of yourself gives you a sense of pride.


Many illnesses and diseases are brought about by poor hygiene. Keep good hygiene to prevent bacteria from weakening the body by growing in unwanted places.


A clean mouth with brushed and flossed teeth is far less likely to have cavities and require dental maintenance. A clean body less likely to harbour viruses and bacteria.


Others can also be infected by diseases and illnesses you carry if you do not maintain personal hygiene. Viruses and bacteria spread quickly between people. You can protect others from getting anything you may carry by keeping up with your own personal hygiene.


It is important to set an example for children to have good personal hygiene as well. Setting a good example for personal hygiene will help your children incorporate it into their routine and make it a healthy habit for the rest of their lives.


A major part of human evolution is the refinement of culture. Though there are many different cultures in our society, and all of them stress the importance of self-care and personal hygiene.