How do I make an FM transmitter for an iPod touch work better in a car?

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An FM transmitter can allow you to listen to tunes from your iPod Touch through your car's stereo. If connected correctly the music that you play on your iPod Touch will sound as if it is actually coming from a radio station in your car. FM transmitters can occasionally have a few problems.

You have a few tricks to use, however, to make sure your FM transmitter is working at its best with your iPod Touch.

Try another radio station if you're getting interference. Your FM transmitter creates its own station on your car's stereo. if another station is already occupying the one you select or one nearby, it can interfere with your FM transmitter's ability to take over the station.

Turn the volume down on your iPod Touch if you are getting crackling or spotty sound through the car's stereo. Turning your iPod Touch up all the way can often cause the sound to be over modulated by the time it hits your car's stereo. Turn the volume on your iPod Touch down to maybe halfway, and then turn the volume on your car stereo up.

Remove the antenna from your car if you can not get a clear signal on any radio station. Removing the antenna will make it difficult for you to pick up outside radio stations. But the upside is that it will make the station designated by your FM transmitter seem stronger to your car radio, allowing it to pick up the signal better.

Expand the strength of the built-in antenna that serves the FM transmitter by adding a headphone extension cord. Make it female at one end and male at the other. Stretch it out and place it between your iPod Touch and your transmitter.