How to Delete a Panfu Account

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Panfu is an online game for children. Your child can create his panda alter ego and meet, chat with and play games with other pandas in this virtual world. While registering for a Panfu account is free, a paid membership offers additional features, such as ad-free gameplay, the ability to adopt pets and exclusive games. If your child is no longer interested in Panfu, you can help him delete his account.

Double-click the desktop icon for your web browser of choice to open a browser window, then type in the URL for Panfu in your address bar at the top of the window.

Enter your panda name and password in the appropriate fields at the top of the screen, then press the "Login" button.

Click the "My account" option in the menu bar at the top of the screen. A new browser window or tab will open. Provide your login details again if prompted.

Click the "Remove Panda" option under the "What would you like to do?" menu heading. This brings you to a new screen.

Click the "Yes, I am sure I want to delete my account" check box to place a mark in it, then click the "Delete your Panda" button. The system will automatically send you a confirmation message to the email account you used to set up your Panfu account.

Open your e-mail account and locate the confirmation e-mail from Panfu. It contains a URL link that you must click on to delete your account.

Click the confirmation URL in the email from Panfu. A new window will appear in your web browser informing you that you have successfully deleted your account.

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