How to hang 2 inch faux wood blinds

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Faux wood blinds offer a less expensive option to real wood blinds. Faux woods also allow you to place a 2-inch, wood-like blind in a room that receives a lot of heat or moisture, which can warp and fade a real wood blind. Faux blinds may be made entirely from PVC or a composite of wood, PVC and vinyl. Installing 2-inch faux wood blinds is similar to regular wood blind installation; however, it is important to always use any centre brackets as faux wood weighs more than natural wood.

Decide whether to mount your 2-inch faux wood blinds inside the window frame or outside on the actual frame. Inside mounted blinds need no less than 3 ½ inches of windowsill mounting area in order to be completely flush with the window frame. However, 2-inch faux woods may be mounted if the window has at least 1 ¾ inches of mounting space but will project out from the window frame. Measure the inside of the window frame in order to determine which option will work best.

Use a pencil to mark where each bracket should be placed. For inside mounting, place one of the brackets inside the frame at the desired location and place a dot inside each screw hole. For outside mounting, place the faux wood blind up to the window frame and draw a line indicating where the end of the blind should hang. Hold the bracket up to the line and mark through the bracket screw holes to show where the bracket will be installed. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the window.

Hold the level up to the bracket marks you made on the wall and ensure that the blind will hang evenly. If the marks are not level, readjust your bracket marks.

Measure the distance between the bracket hole marks in order to mark the location of the centre support bracket. This bracket will support the centre of the blind and keep it from bending in the middle from its weight.

Use a cordless drill to pre-drill all of the screw holes. This step is important in order to prevent damage to wood trim on the inside or outside of the frame.

Attach the brackets to the frame. Hold the bracket in place then install the bracket screws with a cordless screwdriver. Repeat this process for the centre support bracket.

Place the 2-inch faux wood blind into position and secure the bracket closures.

Attach the faux wood valance or cornice to the blind with the included valance clips.

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