Ideas for vegetable costumes

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Create a simple, homemade vegetable costume for you or your child's next fancy dress party, Halloween event, carnival parade or school play. Once you decide on the type of vegetable you want to create, use items from around your home or from a local craft shop to create the costumes in little time and for little money.


Instead of making a costume from a single potato, create a bag of potatoes for a costume idea. Purchase a large piece of sack-cloth from your local fabric shop that is enough to hold you when turned into a sack. Sew the edges of the material together using a sewing machine to create a potato sack, leaving the top edge open. Turn the sack upside down and cut holes for your neck and arms from the sealed sections. Write the word potatoes across the front of the sack using spray paint. Create potatoes by cutting 15 cm sections out of a pair of tights. Tie off one end of the cut-off section. Stuff the inside of the tights with enough cotton batting to create a potato shape and then tie off the other end. Attach the potatoes to the sack using hot glue to finish the look.


To make your own carrot costume, start by dressing all in orange, including shirt, shoes, gloves, socks and shoes. If you cannot find all these items in the same colour orange, dye white clothing using orange fabric dye. Alternatively, wear one-piece pyjamas in orange. To create the green tops for the carrot, start with a green baseball cap. Then, cut out 10 to 15 green strips of felt. Glue the strips to the top centre of the cap.

Broccoli or cauliflower

Making a broccoli or cauliflower costume also takes little effort. For a broccoli costume, dress in all green, including shirt, shoes, trousers and socks. Like the carrot costume, dye white clothing if necessary to achieve it. For the cauliflower, wear all white. To create the floret top of the vegetables, start with a green baseball cap for a broccoli costume or white for a cauliflower costume. Then hot glue 2.5 cm diameter pom-poms to the hat, green for the broccoli and white for the cauliflower.


Making a pumpkin costume requires little more than a rubbish bag and some spray paint. Start by cutting holes in a large plastic bag. Spray paint the outside of the bag with orange spray paint. Allow the paint to dry overnight. Wear a green turtle neck to create the stem. Place the rubbish bag on with the opening at the neck. Stuff the inside of the bag with crumpled newspaper. Use enough newspaper to achieve a rounded look to the bag. Pull the drawstring of the rubbish bag loosely around the neck to secure it.

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