How to disassemble a cp99 pellet gun

The CP99 is a gas-powered, semi-automatic Airsoft pistol designed to resemble the Walther P99. The CP99 has an eight-round BB clip and features a gas-blowback system that makes the slide pull back and move forward after each shot, simulating the effect of a real pistol.

Like the P99, the CP99 can be taken apart in order to perform routine maintenance or repairs.

Eject the magazine from the pistol grip. You should always clear your weapon of any ammunition, even if the pistol is an Airsoft pistol and not capable of doing much permanent damage.

Pull the slide back and push the slide stop lever up into the notch on the side to lock the slide in place.

Push the back plate on the slide downward with your thumb and remove it from the slide completely.

Release the slide stop lever and let the slide come all the way forward.

Pull the slide all the way back, depress the trigger, then bring the slide slowly forward to uncock the pistol.

Push the takedown pin on the left side of the pistol all the way through the frame with your ballpoint pen. Remove the pin from the CP99 and set it aside.

Push the slide forward, lift the rear end up and pull the entire slide off the frame.

Push the barrel assembly up from the bottom of the slide with your thumb, through the ejection port. Do this very carefully so you do not break the plastic. Once the hop-up and air barrel are dislodged, pull the barrel backward and out of the slide.

Pull the frame barrel and recoil spring backward and out of the slide.