How to Make a Braun Shaver Cleaning Solution

Braun brand shavers are electronic razors meant for men that include an automatic cleaning system that uses a specialised cleaning fluid to clean the razor on a regular basis. Although replacement cleaner cartridges are available through Braun and other websites, many users may wish to make their own cleaning solution to help cut costs and control the substances used in the cleaning solution. You can make your own Braun cleaning solution with some household products, but note that it may invalidate the warranty on the Braun shaving system.

Shake out as much of the remaining liquid in the current cartridge as possible.

Fill the cartridge with 1 tsp glycerine, then 4 tsp distilled water.

Fill the rest of the cartridge with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol until the cartridge is approximately 75 per cent full.

Re-insert the cartridge into the shaver base.

Tip out a small amount of the cleaning solution if the shaver "Empty" indicator light is illuminated. Repeat until the light does not illuminate.

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