How to Spot a Fake Hermes Dogon Wallet

Hermes is a high-fashion, high-quality line of clothing and accessories, and the company's Dogon wallet carries a price tag in four figures.

Before investing in a highly priced item such as this, keep in mind that there are many knock-offs and replicas of Hermes items, which makes it important to know how to spot and avoid the fakes.

Search for a code located just under the wrist strap. This is a date stamp, which should include the year the wallet was manufactured. All authentic Hermes items use this date stamp for verification purposes.

Look for the Hermes logo on the outside of the wallet. A small printed logo should include the Hermes name along with a "Made in France" stamp.

Examine the stitching. Many fake Hermes wallets show machine stitching that is exact and precise. Authentic Hermes items are hand stitched and have a unique, slightly imperfect look that is easily distinguished from a perfect machine stitch.

Look for tarnished plaques and hardware. Authentic Hermes hardware will not tarnish, but many knock-offs will quickly tarnish and become discoloured.