How to Donate Pens & Pencils

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While many students in developed nations take their access to school supplies for granted, those studying in third world countries often lack basic resources such as pens and pencils.

These items, commonly found throughout homes and office buildings, can impact the educational outcomes of at-need students who have no other way to complete their assignments. Donating pens and pencils may seem like a simple gesture, but it is an important way to provide resources to students who lack them.

Choose the organisation you wish to donate your pens and pencils to. There are many unique options that support different causes. I Love Schools, for example, focuses on supporting domestic education efforts while Develop Africa provides supplies to needy students throughout Africa.

Gather pens and pencils from throughout your home or office. Ask your family and coworkers if they would like to contribute any supplies to your cause. Additionally, you can set up a collection box at local business to help facilitate the collection process.

Test each pen and pencil that you collected. Ensure that all of your supplies are in proper working condition and do not show any signs of wear. A good benchmark to follow is that if the pens and pencils are appropriate to gift to a family member, they are in the right condition to be donated to others.

Pack your pens and pencils carefully. Use a rigid cardboard box to ship them and be sure to carefully tape over all seams so that your supplies do not fall from the box in transit. Write the address of the company you are sending the pens and pencils to in bold marker on the top of the box or, if available, use a printed shipping label.

Take your well-packed box to your local post office or, if the organisation you are donating to is located locally, to their offices.