How to Make a Sponsor Form

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Creating a sponsorship form is an efficient way to raise funds for any organisation, school function or charity. A sponsorship form should include the sponsor name, date of event and the reason you are trying to raise money. Provide space on your sponsorship form to allow people to provide gift aids using their name, address and the amount they wish to pledge. Gift aids are donations that are matched by the organisation holding the fund raiser.

Use your computer and a word processing software program to begin creating your sponsor form. Click the icon relating to the software to open the program.

Type the name of your sponsor or the organisation responsible for holding the event.

List the date of the event and the event details such as the schedule and location.

Provide the reason for holding the fundraiser event. Explain how the fundraiser will benefit those receiving the money. For example, if your fundraiser is for cancer awareness, explain how the money will be spent to find a treatment or possible cure.

Provide a series of lines to allow people to sign up for gift aids and donations. Type "Name", "Home Address" and "Amount Pledged" across the top line. Leave space in between them to allow room for the gift aid provider to fill out her information.

Create a series of lines underneath the top tine from the previous step to separate each gift aid provider's information.

Type the full amount of money received and the date on which the fundraiser ended at the bottom of the page. This is done after the fundraiser has been completed.

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