How to Transfer Contacts From a Phone to a SIM on a Samsung

George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Samsung phones that are compatible with GSM (Global System Mobility) networks, such as AT&T and T-Mobile, use a SIM card. The SIM card stores your subscriber information and you can transfer it from phone to phone. Many Samsung devices also give you the ability to copy phone book contacts to your SIM card. This makes it easy to move your address book to a new phone. It also allows you to back up important contacts to a place other than your Samsung's internal memory.

Press the "Menu" key to open the main menu.

Scroll to and select "Address Book." Choose "Search" or "List," depending on model.

Highlight an entry you wish to copy to the SIM card. Press "Options."

Choose "Copy to SIM Card." Repeat for each entry you wish to move to your SIM card.

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