How to make a program for a 70th birthday celebration

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An excellent program for a 70th birthday celebration will highlight significant family memories. The program is meant to be personal and engaging. This should not be like a theatre program, with a simple list of events throughout the evening, but more like a yearbook from high school.

By flipping through the program, you want everyone attending the party to be able to relive the life of the guest of honour.

Put your favourite photo of the guest of honour on the cover of the program. Below the photograph, write a suitable title, such as, "Evelyn's 70th Birthday Celebration."

Write a brief schedule of the night's events on the first page. List speakers, music performances, and dinner times.

Include a full-page biography of the guest of honour. The biography should highlight the most memorable aspects of the person's life, including place of birth, career, family, hobbies, and adventures.

Put together as many photographic memories as possible, with quotes from friends and family beneath the photograph. Each photograph should also be accompanied with a brief description of the events surrounding the photograph. You want to create a time line of the guest of honor's life and put photographs in chronological order from birth to his present age.

Close the program with personal messages from friends and loved ones to the guest of honour.