How to Decorate With Waterproof Ribbon

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Waterproof ribbon allows you to bring the colourful, festive look of decorative bows outside. This versatile material also has culinary applications because it's not destroyed by the moisture of foods. Use waterproof ribbon to decorate for your next outdoor barbecue, put it on a birthday cake or come up with inventive methods of incorporating the material into your outdoor space. The ribbon comes in a range of widths and colours.

Tie waterproof ribbons to the chair backs of patio furniture, outdoor wedding seats or other furniture to add decoration for an event.

Use waterproof ribbon to decorate your yard for an upcoming holiday. Combine red, white and blue ribbon for Independence Day; use red and green for Christmas; use pink, yellow and blue for Easter or come up with your own colour combination for a special occasion. Tie bows around trees, weave the ribbon in and out of fence posts, add embellishments to holiday yard decor or hang alternating flat colour strips beneath a window for a nontraditional, yet colourful look.

Place a yellow waterproof ribbon around a tree in your front yard to show your support for a family member or friend in the military or troops in general. Tie a ribbon around one tree or deck out your entire yard. The ribbon should last through all types of weather.

Wrap waterproof ribbon around a large gift. Make a bow to place on the roof of a vehicle, tie one to the handlebars of a bicycle or other gift that can't be brought inside due to its size or use.

Place a strand of waterproof ribbon around each layer of a layer cake to add colour and texture. Wrap it gently around the cake, pressing it into the frosting to hold it in place.

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