How to Tell a Fake InStyler From a Real One

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The Instyler is a hair straightening tool that was invented by two professional hair stylists who have been in the industry for over 40 years. This popular styling tool uses a rotating heated cylinder and brush bristles to achieve many polished hairstyles. Unfortunately, there are fake Instylers on the market. Before you make your purchase there are ways to tell if the Instyler you're purchasing is a real one. It is only when you purchase a real Instyler that you are guaranteed quality merchandise with a limited one-year warranty.

Avoid purchasing an Instyler from merchant's that are not authorised to sell this product. Authentic Instylers can be purchased at,, and from television commercials for the Instyler irons.

Contact Instyler's customer service at 800-307-0078 to confirm an authorised seller before you purchase anything. Authorised sellers, selling authentic products must offer the buy-one-get-one-free offer to customers. Anyone selling the Instyler as a single unit is more than likely selling a fake product.

Check to see that your shipment is coming from the United States or Canada. Official websites and authorised sellers only sell from these two countries.

Read the sales information on the website that is selling the Instyler. If you notice a lot of grammatical errors and misspellings beware of the seller, you are more than likely purchasing a fake Instyler.

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