How to Find the Midpoint Between Two Addresses

Finding a meeting point can be a laborious task, especially when you're trying to make driving times and distances fair between both parties. Fortunately, there are several websites that make finding the midpoint between two addresses a simple task that requires a only few key strokes and mouse clicks. These websites allow you to choose among several route options, making for the most convenient results. Best of all, they're free to use.

Go to using your favourite Web browser or see the link in Resources. Select the appropriate tab to find the exact midpoint for meeting, eating, drinking or recreational activity. Type in "midpoint" in the box on the upper-right corner of the website between the words "Look for" and "between." Enter the first address in the "Location 1" box and the second address in the "Location 2" box. Select the "Avoid Highways" button if you would like to drive on residential roads. Click the "Rendeznew" button to initiate the midpoint calculation.

Type "" in your Web browser or see the link in Resources. This website works very similarly to Rendeznew. To find the midpoint between two addresses, type either the zip code or full address of the first location in the "Frist Address or Postcode" field and the second in the "Second Address or Postcode" field. Type "midpoint" in the "Point of Interest" field and select either a highway or residential roads route. Click the "Get Half Way Location" button to initiate the calculation.

Go to or see the Resources link. This website produces the same results as the two previous sites but is designed a little differently. To begin, select the "Multiple input" button. Enter both addresses in the "Address" box on separate lines. Click the "Add" button directly below the "Address" box. If done correctly, both points will appear on the map. Click the "Midpoint info" button above the upper-right corner of the map to calculate the midpoint between the addresses.

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