How do I adjust salice hinges?

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Many cabinets use a salice hinge to connect the cabinet doors to the cabinet. Salice hinges are embedded in the cabinet door, providing a clean look to your cabinets. The salice hinge has three locations to adjust the cabinet door. All adjustments to the salice hinge are made using two cam adjustment screws or an adjustment screw at the edge of the hinge. Make adjustments in small 1/4 turns to avoid overadjusting.

Locate the two adjustment screws on the hinge piece that connects to the cabinet. The first adjustment screw is in the hole between the two mounting screws, with the second adjustment screw beside the first.

Turn the first adjustment screw in between the mounting screws with a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the cabinet door vertically. Turn the screw clockwise to lower the cabinet door, or counterclockwise to raise the door.

Rotate the second adjustment screw with the Phillips screwdriver to move the cabinet door closer to the cabinet or farther away from it. Turn the screw clockwise to bring the door closer, or counterclockwise to move it farther away.

Find the screw on the inside edge of the hinge if the cabinet door requires horizontal alignment. Turn the screw clockwise to adjust the door to the right, or counterclockwise to adjust the door to the left.

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