How to Enter Garmin Coordinates

Paul Guzzo/Creatas/Getty Images

Sometimes your destination has no official address, or the GPS unit cannot find it. If you can locate the latitude and longitude coordinates, you can enter those numbers into the device instead. Some map software can display coordinates in several different formats.

For example, navigate to your destination using Google Maps, then switch to the satellite view so you can see buildings and streets. Point to the location, right-click and choose "What's here?" The coordinates will appear in the search bar. Those coordinates are in the "decimal degrees" format and can be entered into your Garmin GPS unit.

Touch the "Where To?" icon, then touch the down arrow to see the next list of choices.

Touch "Coordinates," then "Format" to choose the appropriate format for your coordinates. Using the Google Maps example, choose the "h ddd.ddddd°" for the "decimal degrees" format. The two other format choices are "h ddd° mm.mmm'," (degrees, decimal minutes) and "h ddd° mm' ss.s"" (degrees minutes seconds). Press "OK."

Touch the first top box and choose "S" if the latitude has a minus sign, otherwise, choose "N."

Touch the second top box and type the coordinate with the resulting keyboard, then press "Done."

Touch the first bottom box and choose "W" if the longitude has a minus sign. Otherwise, choose "E."

Touch the second bottom box and type the coordinate, then press "Done," then "Next."

Press the "Show Map" icon to check that the location is correct. Then choose "Back," "Save," or "Go."