How to Make Sock Animal Critters

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Sock animal critters are a fun activity to do at home with the kids or in the classroom. No-sew versions are among the easier options when creating sock toys with small children. Making sock critters is also a way of teaching children about the importance of recycling and reusing, and is a way to reuse socks that children have outgrown or that have lost a mate. Depending on your skills and resources try creating an entire sock animal menagerie to sell at craft fairs and flea markets.

Fill a stretchy white sock with craft filler. The sock opening will later be used to craft dog ears. Use your hands to grab the sock from the outside to fashion the bottom paws. Paws should be round ball shapes, use rubber bands to secure them. Lightly tie the opening during this process if necessary to avoid squeezing the filler out of the sock.

Add more filler to the sock to create the other two paws (around the dog's "middle") and secure with rubber bands. Add even more filler and use a rubber band to form the round dog head. Secure the opening with another rubber band.

Use the excess fabric leftover from the opening to cut out dog ears. Use black permanent marker to draw a dog face and markings on the dog paws. Dress the animal if desired in doll clothes or a small sweater you stitched yourself.

Fill the toe of a fuzzy, stretchy, cuffed children's sock with craft filler to create a platypus head. Secure with a rubber band.

Fill the heel of the sock with filler until stiff to make the platypus body. Grab sections to make ball feet and secure with rubber bands. Cut the cuff (the folded part around the ankle) off the sock and mould it into a tail shape. Glue it shut on the sides and fill with filler, then glue the remaining opening closed. Attach to the platypus body with glue.

Cut the finger off a fuzzy glove and curl the end part to resemble a platypus bill. Stuff the finger with filler and glue it to the front of the platypus head.

Use small black buttons to create eyes or sew in eyes using black thread. Cut four pieces out of brown felt or craft foam and glue them to each foot ball.

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