How to Transfer Photos to a Computer from a SanDisk Memory Stick

Windows 7 makes transferring photos from your SanDisk Memory Stick easy. All you need is a card reader to access the stick. If your computer does not have an internal card reader, you can use an external USB card reader to access the memory stick.

Insert your USB card reader into an available USB port on your computer. Windows 7 will automatically recognise the device.

Insert your SanDisk Memory Stick card into the card reader. Windows will recognise the insertion and will open an AutoPlay window.

Click "Import Pictures and Videos" in the AutoPlay window.

Add an optional, descriptive "Tag" in the "Import Pictures and Videos" window.

Click "Import Settings" if you wish to change the default settings. You can choose a new save location and folder name. You can also select to erase the memory card after copying, to rotate the pictures when importing, or to open Windows Explorer after importing is complete. Click "OK" when you are finished changing settings.

Click "Import" to automatically import your photos. By default, they go to your "Pictures" library.