How to Insert Bars in Cubase

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Cubase is an application for recording, editing, mixing and producing music on your computer. Use it to record audio on multiple tracks, work with MIDI instruments and write compositions. You can edit recordings of instruments and vocals, produce orchestral arrangements, create electronic music and develop sound effects. As you work on a score, you can edit notes, add lyrics and remarks, and then play back your material as you edit it. If you need to add more material, you can easily insert bars in Cubase.

Launch Cubase on your computer. Click "File" and then click "New Project" to start a new project, or click "File," then "Open," and click on a saved project to select it. Click "Open" to open the project.

Click on a staff that you want to add bars to.

Click on the "Scores" pull-down menu, then click "Number of Bars."

Click on the up arrow next to "Number of Bars" to insert additional bars.

Click "This Staff" to insert bars for the selected staff only. Click "All Staves" if you want to insert the same number of bars into the selected staff and all following staves.

Click the close button to save the change and close the "Number of Bars" dialogue box.

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