How to make your own outdoor bar

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Outdoor bars add a splash of elegance to any backyard. They can be a focal point of the patio or a convenient space for group gatherings. Purchasing an outdoor bar can get a bit expensive, but with the right expertise, you can build your own at an affordable price. You can also design it to fit into the dimensions and colour scheme of your space.

Visually picture your bar. Think about the dimensions, look and feel of your bar before you build it. For this example, picture a 39-by-10 inch simple structure that is four feet tall. The sides will look fencelike, giving the bar a natural outdoors feel.

Line up eight wooden 2x4s in a row on the ground, leaving a 1-inch space between each.

Line up two wooden 2x4s perpendicular to the eight already on the ground, leaving about 2 inches from the top. Nail these two boards into the wooden pieces on the ground.

Line up two more wooden 2x4s, but this time, this time leaving about 2 inches from the bottom, and nail them down into the eight pieces on the ground. This finished piece will be the front of your bar.

Repeat Steps 1-3 to create another row of wooden 2x4s. But this time use only four 2x4s instead of 8, spacing them 7.6 inches apart, instead of one inch apart. This will be the back side of the bar. This additional spacing between the 2x4s will allow you to insert wine racks and boxes.

Cut a 2x4 in fourths. Using two of those pieces, make the sides of your bar by nailing them to additional 2x4s. Each side of the bar should consist of two vertical 2x4s held together with two of the smaller pieces.

Nail together all four sides of your bar.

Center and nail the chipboard on top of the bar.

Paint the bar.

Optional: Glue tiles or stone on top of the chipboard.

Place a 6-by-10 inch wine rack inside the middle hole of the bar along with eight stacking 6-by-12 inch boxes, four on each side. The boxes can be found in the home decor section of most department stores. The open side of the box should face the back of the bar.

Stock your wine rack with various wines and liquor bottles. You may use the boxes to organise drink glasses, mixers, garnishes, etc. For this project, you can stock four wine glasses, four margarita glasses, two bottles of wine, one bottle of tequila, one bottle of margarita mix, a cocktail shaker, a container of course salt, a couple limes and a knife.

Complete the bar with four tall bar stools that match the colour of the bar paint. These can be purchased at any multipurpose store, such as Target or Walmart. Arrange the stools on the front side of the bar.

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