How to Find a Chinese Boyfriend

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Cultural differences are often obstacles in finding a partner of a different culture. Finding a boyfriend from a Chinese upbringing is a process that differs slightly from finding a Western boyfriend. In general, the man's role is more highly emphasised in Chinese cultures. You should account for this when searching for a Chinese boyfriend.

Find a place with a sufficiently large Chinese population. Obvious examples are China, Taiwan and Singapore, but assuming you are not willing to relocate to another continent, you can find such places in your home country. You will have better luck in big cities than the suburbs or rural areas. Chinatown neighbourhoods are such a place. In addition, most major cities have bars, restaurants and music scenes often frequented by those of Chinese origin (Chinese restaurants, electronic music parties).

You made need to alter some aspects of your appearance that are less attractive to Chinese men. Chinese culture is rather conservative, so dress conservatively; do not go overboard on the sexy look. In addition, Chinese culture has traditionally considered light skin to be more attractive than darker skin so avoid daily tanning sessions. In general, blond hair and blue eyes are exotically appealing in Chinese cultures.

Men from Chinese cultures are less accepting of women who actively approach men for dates. This does not mean simply waiting for a man to approach you; send signals to men of interest by making eye contact, physical proximity or giving encouraging smiles.

Let the man lead and be patient. Follow the man's lead, but take some steps forward when appropriate. The development of a relationship in Chinese culture is a slower process than the development of Western relationships. If you feel things are moving too slowly, explain your feelings; he will give leeway to you, since the general impression is that Westerners are more open and progress more quickly in their relationships.

Emphasise family. Invite him to meet your family. Accept his invitation to meet his. Family is particularly important in Chinese culture, which has traditionally placed emphasis on relationships instead of individualism. Impress him by showing you care greatly about family.

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