Choosing 25th birthday gifts for men

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The guy in your life, whether he is your boyfriend, brother or son, is turning 25 and you want to get him something thoughtful for the milestone. 25-year-old guys have particular tastes, so you want to make sure you find a gift he is sure to enjoy.

As guys develop in their twenties, they change their looks, their tastes and their interests. What he liked last year will not necessarily be what he likes this year. Pay attention to the man you are shopping for and you will find something he will appreciate.

Think of items that the birthday guy does not already have, or things that you know he wants. Keep a list of ideas that you come up with. Consider the kind of guy he is. Is he into sports, electronics, music or weightlifting? His hobbies will help you narrow down your options. Cross out a gift idea if you find he already owns it.

Set a budget for how much money you want to spend. Your budget may dictate the types of gifts you can select from. For instance, if your budget is £65, it is unrealistic to think that you can buy him a new flat screen television. You can, however, buy him a boxed set of his favourite television series on DVD for £65.

Go shopping to get ideas. Browsing around stores will inspire you to come up with gift possibilities. Start out in stores where you know he likes to shop. If the store has a "new" or "just released" section, check it out to see if you can get him something that is new on the market. A store clerk can also help you with gift ideas. Tell him how much you want to spend and be sure to ask what some of the more popular items are.

Choose a gift that matches his style. If he is the athletic type and wears workout clothes all the time, buying him a preppy sweater is not a good match. Stick to what you know he likes. For instance, an athletic guy would appreciate workout attire, a new stopwatch or weightlifting gloves. A 25-year-old guy who enjoys playing video games might like a new controller-free gaming system or some video game accessories.

Find something that you can personalise. Personalising a gift, by engraving or etching, is a thoughtful gesture and makes the gift special to the particular birthday.