How to Make Round Cushions

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Making a round cushion is slightly more difficult than making a square cushion because it is it bit more challenging to sew a round shape. Also, round cushions tend to have separate sides to give them a structured appearance, which can prove to be more of a sewing challenge.

However, with a little time and patience, even an amateur sewer can create a round cushion to use as a chair seat, bar stool cover or pillow. Make pillows in a variety of sizes for an inexpensive way to decorate a home.

Draw two, 12 and one-half-inch in diameter circles, onto the back side of your chosen fabric using fabric chalk and a drawing compass. Cut out the two circles with a pair of scissors.

Cut a long rectangle of fabric that measures 40 inches long and eight inches wide.

Pin any desired embellishments -- such as a ribbon, string of beads, or rope -- around the circumference of one or both of the circles and sew into place.

Sew the two short ends of the rectangle piece together using a one-half-inch seam allowance. Pin the top quarter of an inch of the rectangle edge around the circumference of one of the 12 and one-half-inch circles, facing the right sides together. Sew the rectangle to the circle. This will make the top of the cushion.

Face the right side of the other 12 and one-half-inch circle to the right side of the non-sewn edge of the rectangle and pin it in place. Sew the circle in place, leaving a four-inch hole in the side. Turn the cushion right side out.

Stuff the cushion with polyester filling. Fill the cushion as full as possible to make a stiff cushion. Fold the raw edges of the hole inside the cushion and hand sew the opening shut.