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Vtech v-smile learning system instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The V-Smile Learning System is an educational video gaming system that is designed for young children ages 3 to 7. This Vtech system connects to the TV and works using a variety of V-Smile Smartridges which are sold separately. Children are able to absorb basic learning concepts while playing with their favourite characters. This gaming system is simple to use and includes the V-Smile learning console, one joystick, one Smartridge and an instruction manual.

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  1. Turn the unit over. Remove the battery cover and set it aside. Insert 3 C batteries into the battery compartment, making sure to match the polarity as instructed. Replace the battery cover.

  2. Test the V-Smile to make sure the unit is working properly. Push the "On" button on the front of the unit. The power light should come one, indicating that the V-Smile is working. Check or replace the batteries if the light does not come on.

  3. Connect the V-Smile learning system to the TV. Turn the V-Smile off. Locate the yellow, red and white cables attached to the back of the unit. Plug the coloured cables into the corresponding colour video and audio input jacks of the TV. If your TV set does not have a video IN and audio IN terminal, then connect the coloured V-Smile cables to the input terminals of a VCR.

  4. Connect the joystick to the V-Smile. Plug the joystick cord into the "Player 1" port on the front of the unit.

  5. Make sure that the V-Smile is off. Insert a Smartridge game cartridge into the slot on the front of the unit. Gently push the cartridge down until it locks into place.

  6. Turn the TV on. Select the correct TV mode for receiving input from the port to which the V-Smile is connected. Most TV sets use the "Video" input mode, however all TVs are different, and you should refer to your TV manual.

  7. Push the "On" button to turn on the V-Smile learning system. Press the "Restart" button while the unit is on, if you wish to restart the game you are playing.

  8. Navigate the game by using the joystick pad. Use the four colour buttons to select answers and perform game actions. Use the joystick to move your characters and highlight answers. Press the "Learning Zone" button to play special games in the learning zone, and press "Enter" to make your choices in the game. You can also use the "Help" button for helpful game tips.

  9. Press the "Off" button when you are done playing the V-Smile. Gently pull the game cartridge out of the unit and place it in the unit's storage compartment. The storage compartment is located on the top of the learning system and holds up to six V-Smile Smartridges.

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Things You'll Need

  • C batteries

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