How to Neutralize Vicks' Burning Menthol

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Vicks vapo rub provides a soothing menthol scent that opens the respiratory airways when you apply it to the skin's surface. Although used specifically during cold season, this menthol ointment also can soothe bug bites and cover skin blemishes.

The soothing menthol used in the ointment sometimes can be uncomfortable, as it causes a burning sensation on the skin. Neutralising the menthol will allow more comfort and less burn.

Buy a fragrant free body or hand lotion from a drug or retail store. Also buy a plastic cream container used for travelling. Travel cream containers are available in the travel accessory isle of the store.

Open the plastic cream container and add 1 tbsp of the fragrant-free hand or body lotion. Once added, place 1/3 tsp of the Vicks rubbing ointment into the plastic cream container.

Mix the lotion and the Vicks ointment together inside of the cream container using a plastic knife. Stir the ointment and lotion well until smooth. The lotion will help neutralise the burning effect of the Vicks rub and moisturise the skin.

Apply the Vicks and lotion mixture to the chest, upper back and bottom of both feet. The menthol scent will remain but will not be as potent as without the lotion. Cover the area of the body to which you have applied the mixture with warm clothing and socks.