Alternatives to Skechers Shape-Ups

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Sketchers Shape-Ups shoes claim to burn more calories, improve posture, increase muscle tone, and reduce joint stress simply from walking. These shoes work by altering a person's gait. By doing this, the individual is forced to use each muscle differently. If you are in the market for a toning shoe, there are other name brands competing with the Sketchers brand. Comfort and fit are important when choosing the right shoe.

Reebok EasyTone

Like all toning shoes, Reebok EasyTone shoes are designed to increase strength and muscle tone. They do this with the two balance pods on the sole of the shoe. One pod is at the toe and the second is on the heel. According to, these balance pods force an individual to adjust each step to stay balanced. In order to stay balanced, a person needs more muscle fibres to be engaged, which results in better muscle tone.

New Balance TrueBalance

The New Balance TrueBalance toning shoe looks more like a regular walking shoe. According to the New Balance website, TrueBalance uses balance board technology, which is built directly into the sole of the shoe. Like other toning shoes, TrueBalance engages muscles by making an individual find balance in every step. New Balance claims that this shoe tones the calves, thighs and buttocks while walking. New Balance shoes also provide a good fit for people with wide feet.

Fila Sculpt N Tone

Fila Sculpt N Tone toning shoes use a rocker system to give an unsteady gait, which again forces an individual to engage more muscle fibres to find balance. This system allows for healthy heel-to-toe rolling while walking. They also ease strain on the knees, hip and back. According to, Sculpt N Tone shoes not only tone muscles, but they also improve posture. Walking with improved posture helps the body function better as a whole. Good posture helps reduce muscle fatigue and improves blood circulation, which makes for a more effective workout.


MBT toning shoes were one of the first toning shoes on the market. MBT technology is based on natural instability. It creates a feeling of walking barefoot in the sand. According to, MBT uses a Masai sensor in the sole of the shoe. With this, the body creates more muscle activity in the lower body while improving posture. The curved sole produces a heel-to-toe motion that helps improve balance.

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