How to Hook Up a Behringer Virtualizer Pro

The Behringer Virtualizer Pro is a one-stop solution for adding a variety of sound effects, like echoes and choruses, to a home studio or live sound setting. Each Virtualizer Pro model is built into a one-space rack mount unit with selectors and controls on the front face and inputs and outputs at the rear. The DSP2024P includes reverb, delay, modulation, compression, psychoacoustic and filter effects, all with adjustable parameters, so you can tailor sound to your needs.

Connect inputs on the Virtualizer Pro to your recording or PA mixer. Plug a 1/4-inch phone plug cable into the output for auxiliary 1 (AUX 1) on your mixer and connect it to the 1/4-inch jack on "INPUTS 1" on the Virtualizer Pro. Repeat this procedure using "AUX 2" and "INPUTS 2."

Plug in a 1/4-inch cable into the "OUTPUTS 1" jack and run it to the "AUX 1 Return" jack on the mixer. Repeat this between the "OUTPUTS 2" jack and the "AUX 2 Return" jack. Turn "AUX 1" and "AUX 2" control knobs on each mixer channel strip clockwise to send audio to the Virtualizer Pro.

Connect 5-pin MIDI connectors only if you intend to use MIDI to control the Virtualizer Pro via a computer or MIDI sequencer. MIDI connections are not required for basic operation of the Virtualizer Pro unit. Plug one MIDI connector into the MIDI "IN" jack on the Virtualizer Pro and route it to the MIDI "OUT" jack of your computer or sequencer. Plug another MIDI connector into the MIDI "OUT" jack on the Virtualizer Pro to the MIDI "IN" jack on your computer or sequencer.

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