How to use brick acid

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Buildings constructed with brick sometimes require cleaning. Cleaning may involve removing excess mortar from the bricks of a new construction project or removing efflorescence on an existing structure. Efflorescence is a stain on the bricks caused by soluble salts and other materials released from the mortar.

Masons use muriatic acid to clean bricks. Muriatic acid is strong and is mixed with water. You can acid wash bricks yourself and save money.

Put on the safety glasses and the rubber gloves. You must not mix the acid solution until you are properly protected.

Spray your brick wall with water using a garden hose. Spray the wall with water at least two times. The surface of the wall must be thoroughly dampened.

Pour one gallon of clean water into a bucket. Add 378ml of muriatic acid. This is a ten-to-one water-acid ratio.

Screw an extension pole onto a thick-bristled brush. Scrub the bricks with the acid-water solution using a combination of vertical and horizontal strokes. Continue applying the solution until the surface is clean.

Spray the brick wall with the garden hose. Use plenty of water to rinse the wall.