How can I make fingerprints without an ink pad?

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Fingerprints are fascinating to look at, whether you want to do a science project, are studying forensics or are looking for a personalised craft idea for kids. Usually, getting a fingerprint requires the use of an ink pad, but this is not a common object that most people keep on hand. If you don't have an ink pad and don't want to wait to make a set of fingerprints, there are other options for you.

Select markers in the colour of your choice. You can use any markers that you want, but washable markers for kids are best if you want to prevent staining your fingers.

Colour with the marker on a piece of absorbent paper, such as newspaper. Make a small patch of colour slightly larger than your finger. Go over it until the small patch is beginning to saturate, but not enough to rip or go through the paper.

Press your finger onto the patch and immediately make your print where you want it. You can continue using the patch in place of an ink pad until the prints begin to get fainter. Colour a new patch to start over.

Mix equal portions of water and liquid tempera craft paint. Stir thoroughly to incorporate the two.

Place a dry sponge into the mixture to soak up the coloured water, then squeeze it to drain excess. You want the sponge wet, but not dripping. Put the sponge in some kind of tray or container.

Press your finger onto the sponge to get the colour on your finger, then press your finger onto a piece of paper to make a print.

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